Ants in Xishuangbanna

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In June 2013, Benoit Guénard, Benjamin Blanchard and I went to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, a tropical region of southwest China (21°55′N, 101°15′E)  to collect ants. Over 20.000 specimens from 61 genera and 237 morphospecies were collected through Winkler extractors and hand collection. Here are the results of our sampling effort.

Acanthomyrmex Gnamptogenys Platythyrea
Acropyga Gesomyrmex Polyrhachis
Aenictus Hypoponera Ponera
Anochetus Iridomyrmex Prenolepis
Anoplolepis Kartidris Pristomyrmex
Aphaenogaster Lepisiota Probolomyrmex
Stigmatomma Leptogenys Proceratium
Brachyponera Lophomyrmex Pseudolasius
Camponotus Lordomyrma Pseudoneoponera
Cardiocondyla Meranoplus Recurvidris
Carebara Monomorium Solenopsis
Cataulacus Myopias Strumigenys
Cerapachys Myrmecina Tapinoma
Chronoxenus Myrmoteras Technomyrmex
Crematogaster Mystrium Tetramorium
Diacamma Nylanderia Tetraponera
Dilobocondyla Odontomachus Vollenhovia
Discothyrea Odontoponera
Dolichoderus Oecophylla
Echinopla Paraparatrechina
Ectomomyrmex Pheidole
Emeryopone Plagiolepis

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