Carebara affinis

P. affiis headP. affiis profile

Carebara altinodus

C. altindus head C. altindus profile

Carebara bruni (nr.)

Sp.11 head Sp.11 profile

Carebara diversa

P. sp 5 head P. sp 5 profile

Carebara melasolena

P. melasolenus head P. melasolenus profile

Carebara sp.1

Sp.1 head Sp.1 profile

Carebara sp.5

Sp.5 head Sp.5 profile

Carebara sp.6

Sp.6 head Sp.6 profile

Carebara sp.7

Sp.7 head Sp.7 profile

Carebara sp.8

Sp.8 head Sp.8 profile

Carebara sp.9

Sp.9 head Sp.9 profile

Carebara sp.10

Sp.10 head Sp.10 profile

Carebara sp.12

P. sp2 head P. sp2 profile

Carebara sp.13

P. sp 6 head P. sp 6 profile

Carebara sp.14

P. sp 7 head P. sp 7 profile

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