Pheidole elongicephala_nr.

phediole elongicephala head phediole elongicephala profile

Pheidole hongkongensis

pheidole hongkongnesis ehad pheidole hongkongnesis

Pheidole noda

p.noda head p.noda profile

Pheidole peili

P. peili head P. peili profile

Pheidole plagiaria

Pheidole plagiaria head Pheidole plagiaria profile

Pheidole planifrons

pheidole planifrous head pheidole planifrous profile

Pheidole roberti

Sp.21 head Sp.21 profile

Pheidole rabo_cf

pheidole rabo headphediole rabo profile

Pheidole rugithorax

phediole rugithorax head phediole rugithorax profile

Pheidole sagei

P. sagei head P. sagei profile

Pheidole smythiesii

pheidole smythiesis head pheidole smythiesis profile

Pheidole tjibodana_cf

phediole tjibodana head phediole tjibodana profile

Pheidole tumida

phediole tumida head phediole tumida profile

Pheidole vieti

phediole vieti head phediole vieti

Pheidole zoceana

pheidole zoceana head pheidole zoceana profile

Pheidole sp.7

Sp.7 head Sp.7 profile

Pheidole sp.13

Sp.13 head Sp.13 profile

Pheidole sp.16

Sp.16 head Sp.16 profile

Pheidole sp.18

Sp.18 head Sp.18 profile

Pheidole sp.22

Sp.22 head Sp.22 profile

Pheidole sp.23

Sp.4 head Sp.4 profile

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