Tetramorium aptum

T. aptum head T. aptum profile

Tetramorium ciliatum

T. ciliatum head T. ciliatum profile

Tetramorium difficile

Sp.8 head Sp.8 profile

Tetramorium flavipes

Sp.16 head Sp.16 profile

Tetramorium kraepelini

Sp.14 headSp.14 profile

Tetramorium kheperra

t. kheperra head t. kheperra profile

Tetramorium nipponense

T. bicarinatum profile T. bicarinatum head

Tetramorium parvispinum

T. lanuginosum head T. lanuginosum profile

Tetramorium polymorphum (major)

T. kheperra headT. kheperra profile


Tetramorium polymorphum (minor)

t. poly head t. poly profile

Tetramorium tonganum

T. tougauum head T. tougauum profile

Tetramorium sp.3 (FHg028, new species)

T.FHh28 headT.FHh28 profile

Tetramorium sp.10 (FHg017, new species)

Sp.10 head Sp.10 profile

Tetramorium sp.18

R. wrounghtonii head R. wrounghtonii profile

Tetramorium sp.19

sp.2 headsp.2 profile


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